From the Margins : New Music & Comedy : Summer 2018

First Impressions

  • GLASLYN : Out Of My ControlGLASLYN I Out Of My Control
    Cardiff based singer-songwriter Al Lewis' last collaborative release - the startlingly good Ghost, recorded with Alva Leigh - was articulate, aching Americana. From that reference point this new single, Out Of My Control, is an unexpected tangent and a spellbinding revelation.

    Working with Kayla Painter as 'Glaslyn', Lewis has matched his blues-edged vocal to brilliant electronic pop and Painter's pure singing voice, creating an energised track that builds to a chorus with the musical feel of tumbling weightless in clouds - altocumulus dream pop. The song has been picked up by the Channel 4 series Humans - where its mix of the organic and the synthesised is a perfect fit. More music is promised as Glaslyn build their creative partnership, but this is a remarkable enough beginning. [ Links : Glaslyn Twitter ]

  • NICK ELLIS : Heartbreak CityNICK ELLIS I Heartbreak City
    Liverpool's Nick Ellis' urban folk-hymns offer kitchen-sink-dramatic stories tightly bound by melodies that follow you round for days after one listen. To find out more start with Hearbreak City (below), then try a touch of Clock Watching before advancing to a copy of his superb second album, Adult Fiction, released last December - read more.

Recommended Albums & EPs

  • Toby Hay : The Longest DayTOBY HAY I The Longest Day
    Undoubtedly his finest recording yet, guitarist Toby Hay's new release, The Longest Day, sparkles, shimmies and shimmers just like its lauded predecessor, The Gathering, but with an evident new jazz influence that allows even richer textures than before. A detailed review featuring binoculars and a hidden Simple Minds reference can be read here.
  • Beth Celyn : TroiBETH CELYN I Troi EP
    Beth Celyn is a singer-songwriter from Denbigh, and Troi is her six track debut EP. From her live performances she is clearly influenced by folk and more contemporary indie music; for this first set of recordings understated arrangements frame her rich, emotive vocals and beat into shape something quite unique. Troi serves as a captivating statement of musical intent. Read the review and listen.

  • Eve Goodman : Low Sun EPEVE GOODMAN I Low Sun EP
    Low Sun is one of the most subtly alluring EPs that has crossed our desk since the site started; with a quiet soul-stirring depth to her music, Caernarfon singer-songwriter Eve Goodman has released a debut with four enchanting self-penned songs and a beautiful version of the Welsh folk song Dacw 'Nghariad - review.

  • Benjamin Mason : Oi! Rapscallion!BENJAMIN MASON I Oi! Rapscallion!
    Pembrokeshire based Ben Mason's head must teem with ideas, his new album - Oi! Rapscallion! - is as eclectic as it is delightful. The clear product of a restless and relentless musical imagination, the recordings range and experiment across genres, from acoustic folk through post-rock to electronica - read more & listen.


    This year's Llangollen Fringe will see Welsh kora player Josh Doughty and guitar cohort Tim Tyson bring a blend of West African sounds and Western influence to the reverential venue of St Collen's Church. Josh's music is award winning and distinct - the concert offers a chance to hear his mesmerising instrumental abilities in a resonant setting. Details & interview.

Last Word

Libertino Records has taken just twelve months to establish a reputation as Wales' most creative and exciting record label; if it disappeared tomorrow it would already warrant a place in Welsh cultural legend like Postcard has in that of 1980's Scotland. As albums start to follow the glorious set of singles issued so far, Los Blancos and Accü are two names on its roster that will soon be reverberating far beyond its West Wales base.

    West Wales' lo fi slacker-rock band Los Blancos have been featured and raved about here before, and with good reason. Their distressed and abrasive sound draws valid comparison with The Dream Syndicate and The Replacements, and a new AA single (including the ebullient Cadi, below) confirms their status as raw, magnificent and inevitably destined for greatness when (or before) their debut LP is released.

    A studio flood recently forced the band to re-record their album during one adrenaline filled session with producer Kris Jenkins (who has worked with Super Furry Animals, Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, H Hawkline & Gulp). For many that time constraint would be a handicap - for Los Blancos it just means the rough edged emotion of their music is captured exactly as it should be, and the magic of that is fully declared by Cadi and its companion track, Clarach. [ Links : SoundCloud I Twitter ]

  • AccuACCU I Did You Count Your Eyes?
    Accü is the new recording name (she was previously found in Welsh folk/electronica duo Trwbador) of half Dutch / half Welsh singer-songwriter Angharad Van Rijswijk. Did You Count Your Eyes? is the first single from her debut album, Echo The Red,¬†due for release later in the year.

    The song is thrilling - Accü's otherworldly vocal incants over darkly psychedelic synth sounds, driven and enlivened by Andy Fung's gyrating drum rhythms. Did You Count Your Eyes? has real electronic and percussive vitality; an undeniably unique and promising release. [ Links : Facebook I Twitter ]

From the Archive : Aled Rheon

Aled Rheon's recorded output is limited to two EPs - Sêr yn Disgyn (2013) and A Gorgeous Charge (2016). Although not prolific, there is exceptional quality in the recordings. The first EP showcased 'quietly and softly exhilarating' Welsh folk, a set of songs that beguiled their way round any potential language barrier for non-Welsh speakers, whilst the second had the balance of its lyrics sung in English, and included, as first among equals, our 2016 'Song of the Year' Wrap up Warm (above). As we edge towards two years since A Gorgeous Charge you'd hope for a third release soon; until then his existing EPs are essential listening. [ Links : Website I Live Dates ]

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From the Archive : Select Reviews

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