Lockdown Jukebox #8 : La Violette Società : A Barely Believable Bout of Beautiful Avoidance : 7pm, 15th May, Facebook

La Violette Società is a promoter of lovingly crafted events based in Liverpool. A community thrives around their innovative programming - which often mixes music and spoken word performance. The dates sell out long before they happen.

Wowfest: Lockdown! opens Violette's work to a wider audience. An unmissable opportunity to have a front-row seat at an exhilarating show. Tickets are here (Free or charity donation).

The title of Violetta's contribution to the online festival, A Barely Believable Bout of Beautiful Avoidance, has a Victorian fairground resonance, but it could not be more contemporary in content - bringing together Toria Garbutt, Roy, Will Burns and Carla Mellor for an evening of poetry and storytelling.

  • Carla Mellor is from Yorkshire, but now lives in Wigan. Her work is honest and open, with undeniable emotional reach. Mellor recently collaborated with Natasha Hawthornwaite on a short film inspired by lockdown, A Kingdom United (above), which rightly gained national media attention.

  • A Faber New Poet in 2014, Will Burns is poet-in-residence for online journal Caught by the River. His first collection, Country Music, is out soon. The Guardian has praised his work for its 'quiet intelligence and subtle ways of seeing'.

  • Compelling, moving and humorous, Scouse storyteller Roy is part fiction, part hard earned fact.

  • Benjamin Zephaniah has described Toria Garbutt as, 'Powerful, accessible, intelligent and musical. Just about all the things I love in a poet.' Her live performances are mesmeric, her poetry profoundly human in its pace and detail.

Ciarán Hodgers will hold proceedings together - no problem for a man described as 'a powerhouse poet at the top of his game' by Lingo Festival, Dublin.

Wowfest: Lockdown! Runs from the 4th to 15th May, featuring Irvine Welsh, Noam Chomsky, A. L. Kennedy & more. Full details here.