From the Margins : About

This website is written in North West Wales.

It started as a small venture in early 2016, paused at the start of 2017, then rebooted a few months later with a broader (music, comedy, other arts and a bit of politics), but also a more geographically limited (there usually needs to be a definite link to North or West Wales), remit. Anything included needs to be worth paying for, travelling to see or be otherwise high impact. There also needs to be a sense of place.

If you have something of value to add or say, or feel there is a glaring omission, please get in touch: opinion pieces, news, announcements, gig dates, new releases, new band info, suggestions for the monthly playlist and videos are all welcome. If you have an event you would like to be considered for the front page 'unmissables' gig list, submit the details well ahead of the date, and it will always be mulled over properly. Guest contributions, articles or reviews are welcome - in English or Welsh - just get in touch.

Everything sent is sifted through, all relevant submissions are added as news / blog items. The site is written through the week and uploaded on a Friday; every effort is made to keep up to date - as long as an item is received by Thursday, and fits what the site is about, it'll be uploaded that week.

For interviews and reviews the process is different, and slower. Review/interview requests are not taken directly - there is no 'submission for review' process; this is the only way to avoid writing half heartedly about something that may have real merit but not for the writer - it's all messily subjective and can't be forced. Almost all the music and comedy covered in depth is initially found at gigs and festivals.

Politics is covered in as non-partisan way as possible, by focusing on key issues and finding the crucial voices engaged in them, whatever their political hue.

There is now a new (and permanent) Twitter account: @frommargins. It will be used sparingly to announce new content, and other matters of high excitement.

The site received 40,000 unique visitors in its first year, and is on course for 100,000 in its second.

That's it.