From the Margins : About

This website is written in North West Wales.

It started as a small venture in early 2016, but with use of social media and association with one or two local events gained a good bit of traffic, and an unintended focus almost entirely on music. It was paused at the start of 2017 - and rebooted in April 2017 with a more selective remit, and a dash of added comedy, culture and ad hoc political coverage.

If you have something of value to add or say, or feel there is a glaring omission, please get in touch. For review requests use this form - for recorded music WAV files or a hard copy are preferred, and for live shows four weeks notice if possible.

Mostly the site is celebratory; only positive reviews are published - you will hear quickly after a submission is sent if it will be included on the site. Only music or comedy with a link to Wales is included.

If you have an event you would like to be considered for the front page 'unmissables' gig list, submit the details well ahead of the date, and it will always be mulled over properly.

There is now no FtM social media account, as Stewart Lee has said Twitter "(is) the Stasi for the Angry Birds generation". I don't know what that means, but it sounds clever enough for me.

That's it.