FtM 2016 Song of the Year : Aled Rheon / Wrap Up Warm

It got a bit dark out during 2016, and it isn't clear that 2017 is going to be any brighter. After twelve months listening to hundreds of Welsh albums and EPs we had pulled together a shortlist of 45 songs, then whittled that to a 'best' 20 or so. Beyond that choosing one as being exceptional became very hard - especially as we decided to do it by conversation and consensus, rather than a vote. Then the gloom chaotically pressed in a bit more.

We forced ourselves to a make a decison. In its headlines and conflict 2016 has not been about warmth and compassion, but you can genuinely find both in Wrap Up Warm by Cardiff based singer-songwriter Aled Rheon; it does not have a political lyric (it is an intimate song about the relationship between a parent and child), but in its tenderness and humanity it is absolutely saying something relevant and essential. It's also a brilliant song, simple but poignant and evocative, that doesn't wear down in impact however many times you listen; and so it's the natural and deserved 'winner'.

As an added bonus Wrap Up Warm has the power to make a collie uncontrollably howl along like a wolf, which is a rare quality in contemporary music. Not that the dog had a say.