News : Bendith Album & Tour Dates Released

It took just a few plays to be sold on Bendith's (which means 'blessing') first single, Danybanc, and once its charms worked it stuck - it's a lovely, wistful tune. More music was revealed through a few choice TV appearances and the project, an unexpected synthesis based on the alt. folk of Plu and the more contemporary sound of Carwyn Ellis' Colorama, is now much anticipated.

A Bendith album, the first Plu have been involved in as a group since 2015's enchanting Tir a Golau, is set to be released on October 7th, with a concise tour to mark it the same week. The dates mean that many of the people at the concerts will be hearing the full set of new material live first:

  • Thursday, 6th October: Salford Sacred Trinity Church, Manchester:
  • Friday, 7th October: Galeri, Caernarfon:
  • Saturday, 8th October: St Johns Church, Cardiff:

Bendith is an intruiging project, and launching the debut in the autumn, 'the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness', seems apt. Most of the songs on the new album are written with a strong sense of a specific place - a part of Carmarthenshire Carwyn Ellis keeps close to his heart - and this strong emotional songwriting source has then driven a rich collaboration, as Carwyn explains: "We're all so proud of this album - it's truly a perfect mixture of Plu's music and mine with a real emphasis on vocal harmonies and a different instrumentation."

The participants extend beyond Plu and Colorama, with guest instrumentalists such as Georgia Ruth and Patrick Rimes adding a more orchestral feel to the songs, overseen by co-producer Mason Neely. This has been a vital part of the combined process, as Elan Rhys from Plu emphasised as the album launch was announced: "We are extremely proud of these songs and thank Mason for scoring parts for other musicians. They really do add something special to the music that sends chills down my spine!"

Anticipated, and now soon upon us. We will have a review and interview soon.

UPDATE: Review of Bendith album + interview with Plu about its making.


BENDITH I Danybanc