News : Gwilym Bowen Rhys : New Album & Live Dates

Gwilym Bowen Rhys has had a hand in some of the most exciting Welsh folk and acoustic music of the last few years, including the award winning Bendith collaboration and Plu, an alt. folk trio completed by his two sisters. He released his first solo album, O Groth y Ddaear, in 2016 and now has recorded a second for a new label, Recordiau Erwydd, an offshoot of Sbrigyn Ymborth.

Whilst the production on Bendith's LP and EP is lush and layered, the new album, Detholiad o Hen Faledi / A Selection of Old Welsh Ballads, is his most pared back release yet - just voice and guitar, mostly first takes, recorded over a three hour session at Studio Sain - including a lunch break, which probably wasn't rushed.

With one microphone the charisma, immediacy and spirit of his live performance has been brilliantly captured - the result, an animated set of songs that Gwilym found by researching at the National Library of Wales' archives; the music of a remarkable one man folk revival.

We will have a lot more detail on the record soon, but the essential facts are: the album is due to be released on September 1st, but there will be some CD copies available at live shows, and advance orders can be made via Bandcamp. One track is available as a preview, Hogyn Gyrru'r Wedd, (see below). There's also a clutch of gigs in the run up:

GWILYM BOWEN RHYS I Hogyn Gyrru'r Wedd