Preview : LLANGOLLEN FRINGE 2017 : Band Pres Llareggub

This is our gig of the month for July - as noted before, live Band Pres are compelling, entertaining, edgy and authentic - and worth going a very long way out of your way to see.

Undoubtedly one of the key highlights of the Llangollen Fringe's 20th year, Band Pres Llareggub offer a unique sound - fusing the energy and edge of hip hop with an archetypal New Orleans brass sound, and then gently infusing the result with their own native North Walian psychedelic heritage.

Novel, but as far from brash novelty as you can be; instead what you get from the smooth blending of influences is extraordinary swirling and gyrating dance music.

On record their output started with the brilliant Bradwr EP in 2015, which includes the infectious groove of the title track (featuring Mr Phormula), and the equally impressive Foxtrot Oscar, showcasing Gwyllt's vocal dexterity:

This EP was followed up by a superlative brass based version of The Super Furry Animals Mwng, again featuring Mr Phormula, as well as Gwyllt, Lisa Jên and Mirain Haf (the latter two both from 9Bach). In 2016 they released an album of self penned tunes, Kurn, that detonates immediately with the irresistible, hard edged exuberance of Croeso and then seldom lets up - further extending their reputation for range and experimentation, as the track Gweld y Byd Mewn Lliw (again featuring Mr Phormula, and Alys Williams on vocals) demonstrates:

But it is on stage where they truly excel; you can turn up not having heard a note from them before and be won over in a moment, and lost in the bliss of the music very shortly after that.

Of all the gigs in North Wales this summer, this is the one to drag yourself out of the house for.