Preview : St David's Weekend 2017

A new, vibrant event has been created to celebrate St David in Wrexham - in the form of a three day, town centre, free festival built around an open air stage curated by the team behind FOCUS Wales.

The music at these sort of events can be a disappointment, but the bill for these three days is a standout exciting mix of established and emerging contemporary Welsh bands; Wrexham's High Street will be closed for the weekend from Friday 3rd March to accommodate the stage, choirs, food stalls and family entertainment that will frame them.

The festivities start on the Friday evening with the West Coast influenced magic of Heal the Last Stand, the soaring rock of Calfari, and the renowned authentic covers band The Big Beat; then sweeps through some first rate alt. pop on Saturday (with Baby Brave and Seazoo amongst those not to be missed, and the Guardian praised Castles essential) and into a mellower Sunday, with Sera, The Glendale Family and Kizzy Crawford as highlights.

This is a well judged and superbly curated weekend. The partners behind it, especially FOCUS Wales and Wrexham CBC, should be congratulated on putting it together in a perfect setting in the heart of the town - which has the atmosphere, and an excellent set of bars and pubs, to fashion a memorable event. Wrexham has a growing reputation for live music, and this has led to an increasingly rare treat - something for free you'd be really pleased to have had to pay for.

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