Preview : Ymuno 2016 : Friday 1st - Monday 4th July

Billed as the Little Festival, Big Heart there are a couple of things that immediately strike you about Ymuno when you examine it. First they have got a great graphic design team - it is hard not to be wowed by the quality of how they present the event.

Secondly, and much more importantly, if you want to know where all that heart goes, it goes into detail.

The event is painstakingly put together with one aim - to create a stunning experience for the festival goer. It is a resolutely family friendly event - the commitment to arts activities is not a peripheral add on you see at many festivals, but an essential core to what they are doing - with an overall emphasis on participation.

The music bill this year lacks high impact names, but it is lovingly curated and there is more talent than you could usually dream of at such an intimate event. They have their own team of DJs to keep the vibe going between acts, again putting the event together with a lot of love and empathy.

To whip through a selection of the music: pick of the crop must be the New Zealand electronica and soul magic of Sorceress and West Midlands' bright, shuffling folksters Boat to Row, who both seem a perfect pick for a mellow summer meadow. The wide range of music on offer is united by its sense of style and vitality.

The Welsh artists playing are equally well appointed - amongst them Caernarfon's Sera (read our review of her new album) with her upbeat brand of folk, Nia Wyn, whose powerful song I can't breathe showcases her modern take on ancient folk blues, graceful singer songwriter Denuo (who we spoke to in the run up to the event) in a rare outing this year with a full band, and the palpable energy of Ruthin band Yr Adar.

It's an event to go to if you want to be immersed for a weekend in something special and unique. If there are chips they will be artisanly handcut, wrapped in the London Review of Books, and they will taste delicious.

A perfectly crafted music and arts event for a young family.

Do expect: beards, a wide range of postgraduate qualifications, excellent coffee and food

Don't expect: Sons of Anarchy T Shirts (unless worn with clear knowing irony), litter, copies of the Daily Mail


A single weekend ticket is £120 for an adult, £15 for 18 and under (toddlers are free) - which includes camping and breakfast (!). There are also a range of day tickets. You can buy them here. The event is held at Bryn Ffanigl Ganol Farm, just off the A55, near Abergele.