Georgia Fearn

Introducing : Georgia Fearn

Carmarthen's Georgia Fearn has released a debut album, Perfect on Paper, at just seventeen. With a sound noted elsewhere as existing 'somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Lily Allen on the indie pop spectrum', the album is arrestingly accomplished and fully formed - from the point where opening track L'Amour erupts vocally forty seconds in, until the last moments of exuberance of the final song, You Wouldn't Do This If You Did. In between there's a whole shebang of alt. pop delight. When the chance presented it seemed right to ask how this has come about; below is a transcript of the questions posed, and Georgia's effervescent replies.

Georgia, you are not yet out of your teens, but your debut album, Perfect on Paper, has already been released - how did this happen?

"When I was (much) younger, my older cousins used to let me use the karaoke machine and 'perform' in front of them and ever since then I've really loved playing to an audience. In terms of the album, it all occurred really naturally. I wrote the majority of the songs when I was about 12-13 and had the chance to record them in a studio as a Christmas present, but as we worked on production and making the tracks the best they could be a few of the later tracks came in. I think that now was the perfect time to release it as I'm finally happy with it and overjoyed people can listen."

There's a lot of different influences evident on the album - folk, pop, alt. rock - where do you draw your main inspiration from musically?

"I think the album itself is so eclectic because my music taste is too. I listen to literally everything from chart music to 50s. I love music so much and will listen to and give chance to any type, and so I'm not against cross-genre. I think that's what is special about 'Perfect On Paper', that it's not confined to one box and has a lot of different ideas and styles."

There's a vibrant music scene around your home town of Carmarthen? Why do you think that is?

"There really is. I think because Carmarthen is such a small and tight-knit town everyone is really supportive of each other and supportive of live original music. The Parrot, the live music venue, is especially known for providing gigs for local artists which are very popular, and really it just allows everyone in the music scene to get together and jam and appreciate each others' music."

Is there anyone particularly admire locally?

"Adwaith are particularly good, they are a Feminist driven Welsh speaking band, and I think their message and way of getting it across is really talented. The Tates are also a band to look out for that are definitely on the rise!"

Live you usually play solo, who are the musicians you've worked with on the album?

"The boys from the Pembrokeshire band Vicetrack play drums and bass for me on most of the tracks, and they did a really wonderful job. My producer, Nick Swannell, had recorded a couple of their songs and videos and gave them a call to appear on the album. Another talented musician that plays is George Whitfield who plays piano and accordion, along with Helen Adam who plays violin. My dad also does the whistle on the track 'Does It Ever Make You Wonder', his one claim to fame that he loves to tell everyone!"

Perfect on Paper was released in March - how has it been received?

"It's been received amazingly. Everyone has been so supportive of the album and I've had such positive feedback from everyone who's listened. A lot of blogs and radio stations have promoted the album, and some magazines are helping me out at the moment."

What else can we expect from you in 2018?

"I'm going to be playing as much as I can in terms of live music and promoting the hell out of this album! Hopefully by the end of the year, maybe the beginning of 2019, an EP will be released as a follow-up!"

Who knows where Georgia will end up taking her music, there are so many possible paths that could be followed starting from Perfect on Paper, but, with an already evident startling pop maturity, she will be worth listening to wherever she goes.

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