Profile : Griff Lynch

One of the most intriguing live sets at this year's Festival No.6 will undoubtedly come from Griff Lynch, formerly mainly known as the guitarist and front man of inventive psych alt. pop band, Yr Ods. Striking out alone he has released four solo singles in the last twelve months, as a countdown to an album that will redefine his career.

His solo work is not a dislocating new direction - its pop sensibility can be found illustrated in Yr Ods songs such as Siân. But working on his own, recording at home, he has concentrated on electronica, stepped further left field and found a darker mood.

Delivered to the world in October 2016, his first single, Hir Oes Dy Wên (Long Live Your Smile), was a wash of slow paced DIY electronic pop. For the follow up a few months later, a transformation had occurred - from what you might have expected to what you might have hoped for in a wild dream. The harsh, self-centred lyrical preoccupations of Don?t Count On Me are in sharp, delicious contrast to the music - which is bright, effusive, 80s influenced electro-pop, elevated further by a jaunty piano. Don?t Count On Me is very, very good - it could have gone anywhere, and probably should have.

Next, in the dark days of February, No One Cares was released - a slow and reflective song, again with not the most positive of lyrics, but with a short, blissful middle section that acts as an antidote to the expressed sentiment. Understated, No One Cares mostly drifts past elegantly and invites you to drift with it.

Which leaves the most recent installment of a compelling musical exploration, Tynnu Dant, described by Lynch as being about "someone pulling their teeth and hair, in a maniac style, just to feel anything." Slow rolling, vivid, infectious, it has similar distilled pop power to Don?t Count On Me coupled with a more stately tempo - it is a majestic musical statement.

For whatever reason - heritage, disposition or opportunity - Wales specialises in this sort of off kilter, intelligent but still viscerally felt music, the creative anti-matter to over-stressed corporate pop; and Griff Lynch is suddenly one of its frontline exponents. Who knows quite what happens next, but when the album comes out on I Ka Ching it will undoubtedly sparkle and surprise in equal measure; and on a festival stage Don't Count on Me and Tynnu Dant are already songs set to forge lasting, euphoric memories.


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