Sonny Winnebago

First Impression : Sonny Winnebago

Sonny Winnebago is the stage name of Welsh-Australian jongleur (a singer-songwriter with a sense of humour and a map) Harvey Jones.

He has a debut single, Take Me for a Ride, out on Trackd (18 October) - an upbeat, summery take on a long term friendship failing.

The song's style suggests a genesis somewhere between the worlds of Sweet Baboo, David Byrne and Jonathan Richman; it was recorded as part of a four song set enabled by the Forté Project - with Charlie Francis (REM, The High Llamas) producing the sessions and Davey Newington (Boy Azooga), Matt Evans (KEYS) and Steve Black (Sweet Baboo) playing.

Jones, who spent 2019 "living out of his battered suitcase and beloved camper van, all whilst feeding other people's cats and dogs", has an obvious love of melody, and his itinerant lifestyle this year has obviously lifted his mood - 6 months ago Time Will Leave its Mark, which was posted to SoundCloud, was a moodier, autumnal composition. Taken together the two tracks strengthen the impression that real musical and emotional range can be found in his work.

Recent supports for Michael Kiwanuka and Joel Baker further suggest Sonny Winnebago’s talent will eventually win out, on stage or in the studio. One to watch.