Eve Goodman

November 2020 : Song of the Month : Eve Goodman : Pellter

Through a long, tense, almost hallucinatory year, the word 'pellter' has appeared as part of bilingual Covid warning signs erected across Wales.

The term means ‘distance’ - and, although inspired by a very personal experience, the new song recorded by Eve Goodman that takes it as a title expresses something of the pandemic constraints we are living through by exploring the spaces between people and the bridging of impossible interpersonal gaps.

In outline the song's Welsh language lyric (see translation below) is a poetic and heartfelt reflection on loving someone close who is struggling with their mental health. Eve wrote the words from searing personal experience. The time since she lost her father to suicide is now measured in years, but the song has an emotional immediacy that suggests the pain of the loss is still near.

The video that accompanies Pellter’s release was shot during the first lockdown in the receding light of sunset. It is full of haunting shadows and slow-dancing silhouettes.

We have stated before that Eve Goodman possesses a rare magic - anyone who has shared the stilling communion of one of her live performances will acknowledge that - this single (which heralds a forthcoming album) confirms that she can mine her psyche deeply and share the music of her soul as a balm for others.

As Pellter attests, there is a deep-rooted maturity to Eve’s presence as a singer-songwriter. It is a beautiful song. Perhaps it is a truth that barely needs stating, but when we look back in a decade Eve will have undoubtedly recorded a body of work that establishes her as an essential artist for anyone who has a love of music and a genuine, open heart.



There’s a ghost playing in the night
And a candle burns in the corner
I’m here with an open heart
And my tears are flowing like the river

My father is lost in the night
And a candle burns in the corner
I hear him speak another language
I listen but I cannot understand

The distance is too far to jump x4

I call your name to the moon
And recite an old prayer to the earth
I smell the rain falling onto dust
And seek your outline in the smoke

Give me a chance x4