News : Oblong Second Album

Llanelli's bi-lingual lo-fi band Oblong released their debut album, Briliant ... Gwd nearly two years ago. The praise it got started at "fizzes out of the speakers with rare energy and animation" and rose to "Spiky, joy-injections of guitars" from Adam Walton, who also labelled the band's sound as "fuzzed up shed skronk". They have been record of the month for both Rhys Mwyn and Lisa Gwilym on Radio Cymru; simply put Briliant ... Gwd was loudly brilliant - and was top of the pile in the FtM 2017 essential album list.

They describe their own material and its themes pragmatically, "Our songs deal with typical issues confronting the middle-aged Welshman living through our post-truth times: zombies, self-service checkouts, pub jukeboxes, non-physical phenomena, casual nihilism and the legacy of Cameron, Farage and the other dark forces that would rule our planet."

hollalluog (it means 'almighty' in English) has some act to follow; as sequel it does not disappoint - more Godfather II than Blue Brothers 2000, from the squall of guitar that closes giro day through the gliding, irascible undertow of the bass that drives shirtsleeves to the galloping surf of + moonbass 69, hollalluog deserves its title.

Oblong are Llanelli's convincing Welsh answer to The Replacements; with blank humour, screeching guitars and visceral rhythms they offer a near perfect industrial-town post punk hullabaloo. Oblong will play a short tour to promote the album, including a date at FOCUS Wales on Thursday, May 16.

OBLONG I hollalluog