From the Margins : September 2017 News Archive

    Elfen's scintillating folk music has already taken them to the final of an international competition, and last year's debut album March Glas was a flawless wonder. Fiddle player Helina Rees took the time to explain where the band have come from, and where they are headed. Read the profile.

  • UmmagmaUMMAGMA : LCD EP
    A tentative step outside Wales; Ummagma are an experimental dreampop duo, with roots in Canada and Ukraine. This release showcases their own sound for one track, and then three superb remixes - two by Curve's Dean Garcia, and one by ex-Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie. The resulting EP offers a set of mesmeric soundscapes. Read the review.
    Yr Ods guitarist and frontman Griff Lynch released his fourth solo single, Tynnu Dant, in the dog days of summer. Recording so far in both English and Welsh, this time he has used the latter for a vivid, slow-rolling and quite magnificent piece of electro-pop energised by compressed ennui. If you want to find out more there is a brief profile of Griff Lynch newly added to the site, including his previous single Don't Count On Me, here.

  • Colorama : Some Things Just Take TimeCOLORAMA : SOME THINGS JUST TAKE TIME
    Worth the wait, this latest Colorama album (due for release on Wonderfulsound on Friday, 1st September) shows Carwyn Ellis' vital force as a songwriter, arranger and performer is undimmed. Some Things Just Take Time is a burst of classic retro-pop, folk, soul and blues; like the collaborative Bendith project he spent some of 2016 so fruitfully on, the recording of this set of songs has brought together extraordinary talent, and then delivered something more than the sum of the parts. Listen & read the full review.

    A mellower set of tunes for the approach of autumn; including a track each from Jodie Marie and Matthew Frederick, taken from Benjamin Mason's recent charity album for the Thorne Mason Trust, I Asked My Friends To Cover My Songs And This Is What They Came Up With. Griff Lynch's solo work is remarkable for its animation and inventiveness - featured here is Tynnu Dant, his latest single; Carwyn Ellis' Colorama have a new album out at the start of September - and Baby Don't Go is a cover of a Sonny & Cher classic to herald it. Which leaves Toby Hay's evocative guitar piece, Mayfair At Rhayader 1927 and Gwilym Bowen Rhys' reading of the trad. song Y Gwydr Glas (The Blue Glass) - one of the best tracks off his solo debut, O Groth y Ddaear.