ARGRPH : Tywod (single)

The word 'hypnagogia' describes the dreamlike state between wakefulness and sleep, where psyche and reality are momentarily interwoven - and it names the space where this drifting, graceful music exists.

The song is the work of Emyr Sion Taylor, recorded and abetted by Llŷr Pari (producer/keys/percussion), with Geth Davies playing drums and George Amor on bass - and before listening that's clearly a lot of ability in one place. Amor and Pari also work together in Palenco - and there is some overlay in style with this single and Palenco's recent offering Cloudy Leftovers, which was released on the same day; to achieve the result here you can see why this specific producer was chosen to work with.

To quote what we know Emyr wrote the track 'out of a sense of isolation and with the stirring tide of Aberystwyth beach as a canvas for inspiration', and with influence from 'the stripped bare beauty of TS Eliot's poems'; they are ambitious hinterland claims for a four minute pop song - but it works, it's a quite beautiful piece carried along by slow breaking waves of guitar and synth. You can feel the physical place that inspired it in the sound.

Tywod, the title, is simply 'sand', and translated the lyric is similarly minimal, careworn and existential - a man lost (not lacking a map), weary and rueful on a beach - sung with real affect.

There is more to come - but for now there's no doubt that this is a melancholy but dazzling debut.