Adwaith : Femme / Lipstick Coch (AA Single)

Adwaith have form - Pwysau was a striking and flawless first release, one of the most arresting debut singles from a Welsh band for years. The follow up Haul ploughed elegantly along the same post-folk furrow. Their next step is this AA sided single - two new tracks, Femme and Lipstick Coch, confirming that Adwaith are on the road to somewhere momentous, but a place impossible yet to fully imagine.

Femme is unalloyed pop - it sits between the colour of an 80s Postcard single (as noted in the record label's press release), and the light, summery jangle of The Bangles; infectious music framing a blank, archly feminist lyric (sung in English) delivered from a vocal vantage point someway west of Kate Nash.

That it has so much to say jars on the first listen, and is compelling after that; this is a pop song that dances up to your house, knocks politely until you respond, then wedges a scuffed Doc Marten's boot next to the door jamb until you have listened to its message.

In contrast Lipstick Coch (Red Lipstick) balances superbly on the edge between pop and a post-punk workout. It is the densely animated sound of a small town life losing its iron bounds - sung in Welsh, it celebrates youth, androgyny and love.

The band image, the attitude and the real sparky brilliance of the music are reminiscent of the untrammelled creative energy of the early This is England films. Adwaith are only just getting started; the future of Welsh music detonating out of Carmarthen.

An album has been recorded - it will undoubtedly be genuinely remarkable.

ADWAITH I Pwysau & Haul