Adwaith : Gartref

In simple terms, Adwaith are a post-punk band from Carmarthen, South West Wales. When the trio's first single, Pwysau, came out in October 2016 it was a sudden, startling disclosure of talent, declared in a song that was 'the mesmerising musical equivalent of lying on your back as a child watching the sky on a slowly turning merry-go-round ... a striking and flawless debut'.

Watching them more recently on stage at Gŵyl Arall, a day or so after the release of their latest single Gartref, was like seeing a skilled mason working on a nearly-finished statue; the core shapes and ideas are clearly evident - the absolute, compelling weight of the drums and bass in the music, the themes they explore, the willingness musically to experiment and the confidence to do so - but you also sense the final form and full beauty is still to be realised.

It may only be a short while yet - Gartref will be soon followed by a debut album, Melyn (Yellow), this autumn, and a lot more will then be revealed. The new track itself is impressive - with more prominent drums and a darker mood than its radio-friendly predecessor Fel i Fod, it hints that Melyn is going to unsettle already formed preconceptions as to what the band are about. The song is entrancing, tense and slow, with a physical feeling of energy being churned and twisted.

Again with a memory of perfect childhood delight in mind, listening to Gartref now feels like the last step you made before the top of a helter skelter when you were eight or nine - a signal that the real excitement is just about to begin.