Adwaith : Pwysau (single)

Counting backwards through new label Decidedly Records first trio of single releases brings us to Adwaith and their debut Pwysau.

Carmarthen based and formed in 2015, Adwaith are Gwenllian Anthony (Bass, Mandolin), Hollie Singer (Vocals, Guitar), Chelsea Free (Vocals) and Heledd Owen (Drums) - as a project it has been a long time gestating, as songwriters Hollie and Gwenllian have known each other since they were three.

Patricia Morgan from Datblygu has worked with the band through a long summer this year to refine their songs and demos, and on the evidence before us it has been transformational - maturing suddenly as a band, Adwaith are now really very, very good indeed.

Roughly translated the band's name means 'reaction', and there will be one, this is a quite brilliant start; Pwysau is two enrapturing minutes. From the off it surrounds you with a flickering guitar line (the mesmerising musical equivalent of lying on your back as a child watching the sky on a slowly turning merry-go-round), metronomic drumming, and muted, lulling vocals.

The sound of Pwysau is delicious alt. folk-pop, with a whole set of influences at play reaching back through post punk to the sixties, but mostly it's a song that softly triggers memories of the invention and sound of the Throwing Muses' Kristin Hersh at her dark and elegant solo best.

A striking and flawless debut.