Breichiau Hir : Yn Dawel Bach / Saethu Tri

After a long transition over preceding albums, the proto-punk electric energy of Hüsker Dü was underlined, not eroded, when the American trio switched to acoustic instruments for parts of Candy Apple Grey.

Breichiau Hir haven't abandoned their own rough-edged, ferocious sound for this new AA single, but they have edged someway along the path of contrast Bob Mould and cohorts followed, and the resulting songs have a fundamental magnetic charisma.

Saethu Tri is a gentle pop promenade before it gathers pace, fire and (whisper it) sparkle.

Yn Dawel Bach balances quiet verses that sketch a fragile emotional state - both track's lyrics convey singer and songwriter Steffan Dafydd's struggle to overcome dark moods and anxiety - with brutal, wall-of-sound choruses.

There's more evident craft and melody in these two new tracks than past releases, but the band's spirit is intact.

In full flight Breichiau Hir are the Welsh act most able to carry the raw emotion of their words completely in their music; they are propelled by the intensity of what they need to say, however sugar coated - the world should now be ready to listen.

BREICHIAU HIR I Yn Dawel Bach / Saethu Tri