Climbing Trees : Amber

It must be hard selecting singles off the Welsh Music Prize nominated Borders, it's as rammed full of potential candidates as a Monday morning London Tube train is packed full of commuters.

Amber is the third single from the album (following Graves and Tracks) - and it's driven by the harder, infectious drumming that characterises the Trees' second collection. Layered in this song there are acoustic guitars, a strikingly played piano part, a wickedly melodic electric line from Martin Webb (who also takes lead vocal), and the grace of the Cambria String Quartet - all combining and compounding as Amber builds to become something glorious.

This track has a real melodic groove in its bones, and it demonstrates how far the band have actually come from their debut Hebron - they now have the ability to make monumental, uplifting music that also has you dancing in your chair. There's a fine acoustic version of the song too - just Martin Webb singing, an acoustic guitar, harmonies and the expertly used piano - which serves to demonstrate how good it is stripped to its essentials, and then how much pure majesty has been pressed into it in the studio.


CLIMBING TREES I Amber (Acoustic)