Climbing Trees : Tracks

The second single from their much anticipated, and soon to be released, 'difficult' second album, Tracks is again keyboard driven like its immediate predecessor Graves, but this time, rather than the churning waves of a church organ, it is a percussive piano that underpins the song.

Like all their output so far, they recorded it at Mwnci Studios, Carmarthenshire, and it pounds along, gliding and soaring like their best work, and reaches a glorious guitar/voice/piano crescendo. The lyrics, seemingly imploring someone not to leave on a train, with a repeated refrain it's all I know, it feels like home, it's all you need, 'cos it feels like home, are sparse and abstract enough that they could be about almost nothing, but in the musical maelstrom cover everything instead. Undeniably marvellous.