Colorama : Baby Don't Go

Colorama's driving force, Carwyn Ellis, had a major hand in the collaboration Bendith; the debut from that project has just been named as Welsh Language Album of the Year. It is a richly deserved accolade - it was one of the best and most timeless albums released by anyone, anywhere in 2016. Even without a remarkable back catalogue with Colorama, his next release would be worthy of huge anticipation.

There are clear signs expectation will not be wasted - one exceptional, bright and skiffling song has already been unloosed from the bounds of his forthcoming album - the title track Some Things Just Take Time (see below). This new single is a cover version of the Sonny & Cher classic Baby Don't Go. It has been given as much meticulous attention as the Bendith songs were - a subdued vocal is framed by a fingerpicked guitar, then violins and the pedal steel guitar of BJ Cole (who has worked with John Cale, Robert Plant, Sting, T. Tex, The Walker Brothers, Spiritualized and many more).

As a cover made with respect to the original, Baby Don't Go has been taken apart and lovingly reassembled with all the layered production style of the Sonny and Cher version intact - the song has a real ornate sixties feel still - but with the mood of the lyric more perfectly emoted; the result is intimate, plaintive and graceful.

Fingers are drumming on desks here waiting for the album Baby Don't Go is taken from - not long to wait now; Some Things Just Take Time will be available via the Wonderfulsound label on LP, CD and in digital form from September 1st, 2017.


COLORAMA I Baby Don't Go

COLORAMA I Some Things Just Take Time