Douglas MacGregor : Songs of Loss & Healing : II : From the Murk

The video to From the Murk, the second (the first is here) installment of Douglas MacGregor's set of guitar meditations on grief, was filmed in St Pancras Old Church, which is in Somers Town, London.

The church is one of the oldest christian sites in England - the legend of its origins places its foundation as AD 314. Around it, Somers Town is a loose district defined by London's great train stations - a place of deep history and dislocation, and that made it an apt location for MacGregor to film his new single.

The planned sequence of seven releases are all compositions that enabled MacGregor to explore and express the long suppressed mourning he had stored from his mother's death from cancer, which happened when he was a young child. Written as the emotions occurred in adulthood, and in some instances surely reflexively shaping them, each instrumental takes a different perspective in time, articulating a specific mood.

Coincidentally the trajectory of the newest piece is not far from that of Shane Meadows' film which was shot in (and named by) the same area of London as From the Murk's video. Meadow's Somers Town (2008) is a slowly redemptive, gently comedic work that literally starts in black & white and ends in colour; MacGregor's From the Murk begins in enervating sadness - monochrome and despairing - before a shift in mood offers a sense of emotional release, and a burst of vivid light.