Douglas MacGregor : Songs of Loss & Healing : IV : The Pathway


Douglas MacGregor continues his measured release of seven location specific video/singles, mapping out with each the loss and delayed grief he has lived through following his mother's death when he was a child. MacGregor explained the broader project in an interview for the previous release of the series, The Song for Lost Childhood.

This new composition, The Pathway, was inspired by the practices of Yolngu aboriginals in Northern Australia, whose weeping songs transform over two-week-long funeral proceedings into music that sings the spirit of the deceased along a pathway to their ancestral home in the landscape.

MacGregor recorded The Pathway on a cold April day in the church (St Mary's, Welshpool) where his mother's funeral was held. The video then steps out into the freedom of the nearby rural landscape that was her home.

As this release again confirms, Douglas MacGregor's instrumental music is always compelling. Poignant locations chosen for the recordings heighten their ingrained meaning - emphasising the fined-honed emotional richness they already possess. The album that results from the drawing together of all seven compositions will be an immersive and redemptive experience.