Douglas MacGregor : Songs of Loss & Healing : V : The Stowaway's Voyage

The fifth installment of Douglas MacGregor's heptad of releases, written to mark his adult process of delayed grief after his mother died when he was a child, is The Stowaway's Voyage.

MacGregor has certainly roved about to find places to fit the theme or mood of each song and video - the last one was filmed at St. Mary's, Welshpool, this one was recorded at The Old Mill Gallery, Palnackie (an artist led cultural space), and on the Dumfries and Galloway coastline.

The new piece reflects a sense of escape rooted in a childhood shaped by boats and the sea - both in reality and play. The music matches the ebb and flow of the ocean, almost suggesting the listener is carried within it.

Less intense than the four instrumentals that have preceded it but no less beguiling, there is a quiet, calming enchantment found in the rippling waves of notes that are the essence of The Stowaway's Voyage.

There's an interview with Douglas here, explaining the emotional journey behind the full series of compositions. An album will follow.

DOUGLAS MACGREGOR I The Stowaway's Voyage