Hotel Del Salto : Bigger than Elvis (single)

Hotel Del Salto is an imposing but abandoned, haunted hotel at the Tequendama Falls in Colombia - it looks like something built with ready distressed elegance for the set of an Indiana Jones film; it is also the chosen recording name of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J Francis - and Bigger than Elvis is his debut release.

The recipe here is not complex to understand - Bigger than Elvis has been forged by a significant new talent with the same intensity of single minded, DIY imagination demonstrated in Alun Gaffey's recent debut, and informed by a music heritage that stretches back through Beck to Prince and Talking Heads. The result is a song with superb off kilter zest, as previously captured (in spirit if not sound) by ebullient alt. pop such as Cornershop's Brimful of Asha, or more recently and closer to home in the releases of Wrexham band Seazoo.

The lyric takes a tangential (evidenced even by the first line - 'Languid by the light switch, flickering at your feet') saber swipe at narcissism, but remains resolutely infectious and upbeat - Bigger than Elvis definitively passes the supermarket test; listen to it a few times and the imprint of the melody will still be swirling round and edifying next time you are scudding along with a trolley full of unnecessary necessities.

Hotel Del Salto - an empty tourist palace and now a first rate piece of knowing, slinky pop.


HOTEL DEL SALTO I Bigger than Elvis