Hotel Del Salto : Yellow Rose / Undercover Cop (AA Single)

Hotel Del Salto is an abandoned, haunted hotel at the Tequendama Falls in Colombia and the chosen recording name of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J Francis. Matching the building's idiosyncrasies Hotel Del Salto's 2016 debut single, Bigger Than Elvis, was a first rate piece of knowing, slinky pop with a brilliant opening lyric "Languid by the light switch, flickering at your feet"; it seemed to come out of nowhere quite known before.

The high impact sound of Bigger then Elvis was followed by the swirling and mesmeric Stand for Your Right. Now Hotel Del Salto returns with this AA single, where J. Francis' restless musical exploration clearly continues - Yellow Rose is quirky, endearing mid-paced pop that relies on drum and synth to give undertow to a distinctive vocal, Undercover Cop is an upbeat acoustic guitar ballad. Both are splendid.

There's no doubt now that J. Francis can write and deliver a song - imaginative instrumental framing, lyrical dexterity and engaging, characteristic vocals enable him to create momentary, unique worlds of musical fascination and mark his work out as vital, in every sense of the word.



HOTEL DEL SALTO I Undercover Cop