Jambyls : Chwyldro

Jambyls are a new four piece rock band from Blaenau Ffestiniog - and Chwyldro (Revolution) is their debut release. There is nothing difficult to access here - it is a collection of well written, tightly played, uplifting songs.

The first three songs are all good - the catchy opener Pwi Di Pwy (Who is Who), the slower, moodier Blaidd (Wolf), and Pa Dduw (What God) - but Rhyfela (Warfare) is where the music first really soars, as the song coasts into the the chorus it suddenly lifts and you immediately realise that Jambyls might be direct in their approach but they are anything but run of the mill.

JambylsWith the next three songs the album takes off: Bŵm Town (To remove doubt 'bŵm' is 'boom') - is a joy, an infectious, percussion driven song that marches past buoyantly with a chorus that is impossible not to sing along to; Cyflymu Nid Arafu (Speeding up not slowing) is sung in turn by Mano Jones and Garry Hughes to striking effect - it has great a melody and refrain, and the keyboard propelled Cynhesu is the effortlessly ebullient, gliding peak of the trio. There is an awful lot of promise in these three.

Cer a Fi follows them, and at this point it is hard not to have been hooked in by the combination of dynamic, bright guitar and rousing vocals. Two English language songs finish the album - both very good - with a chiming guitar powering Game and the more plaintive The Fine Art of Self Destruction featuring a rueful vocal with acoustic guitar backing, and the rest of the band muted, just providing a frame.

Chwyldro is simply great uncluttered rock music with brilliant, elating choruses. If they can reproduce the heart of this live then it is music made for a bigger stage.