Lastigband : In or Out

The press release that frames Lastigband's latest single on Cae Gwyn states, "Nobody in Wales is making music quite like this at the moment." That much is true. Since the project's 2017 debut EP, Torpido (which had a range of influence from early Pink Floyd to the laconic West Coast neo-psychedelia of The Dream Syndicate), there has been no drift towards the mainstream; no-one will demand the DJ play In or Out at lager-sodden, dyspeptic office parties in Llandudno at Christmas this year.

But there is a deep fascination in listening to this track. A scratchy guitar slowly riffs and sighs. It twists around a blank, hypnotic vocal - a sound surely captured by chance in the basement of a 1967 London squat, not deliberately in Snowdonia in 2019.

In or Out is a soundtrack for the long moments when you are rising in consciousness as if to the surface of a tarn, aware of your own dreams, but not yet awake; a much, much better place to be than going down a bumpy hillside, in your hippy hat. Lastigband's latest offering is a sour and splendid psychedelic sortie.