Lastigband : Torpido

There are echoes of everything in this EP from early Pink Floyd to the laconic West Coast neo-psychedelia of The Dream Syndicate; in essence it's another slice of first rate elemental and experimental music from Snowdonia's Cae Gwyn label.

Lastigband played at Green Man 2016 and recorded the four songs here at Drwm Studio in the following December, mixed by Llŷr Pari. Opener Jelo is sixties garage wrapping around a recurring anvil of guitar riff, Ti'n Rhydd (You're Free) offers drum machine and low slung bass before an angular song that owes something in spirit to a mix of Temazepam and early Talking Heads. Arnofio (Floating) scratches a space with guitar before thumping into discordant life and the last track Rhedeg is perhaps the most straight forward and effective piece of psychedelic pop in the set.

Gethin Davies' vocal and guitar frame the mood, abetted (live) by Dav Williams (drums), Alex Morrison (guitar), and Sam Thomas on bass - George Amor (Omaloma, Palenco) contributes keyboards, continuing a run of appearing as if a kitemark for off-kilter new music worth a listen.

Shared influences and sensibility leave this EP musically not a million miles away from CaStLes; a breath more experimental (and challenging), but just as marvellous.