Lemoncello : Stuck Upon the Staircase EP

Lemoncello are an alt. folk duo who met studying at Maynooth University, twenty miles west of Dublin.

Stuck Upon the Staircase is their first release, and it is a remarkable debut - warm, animated music with a natural, balletic grace - rare qualities which Myles O'Reilly has also captured in his films of their work.

Lemoncello's sound is rooted in the elemental guitar of Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella's distinctive cello; both sing too, with Quirke's vocal lead on each of the EP's three tracks accented by Kinsella's soft harmonies.

Opening song Morning has a long instrumental lead-in comprising breaths of picked guitar interwoven with a doleful, waking cello - the eventual lyrics are simple but poetic ("Like tattered kites, we saunter on the wind").

Mantelpiece is a melancholy song of separation with an affecting chorus.

The final track, Stuck Upon the Staircase, is an impressive sketch in words and music of a relationship that has ended with clear sadness.

In a short career Lemoncello have had radio airtime in Ireland, supported Mick Flannery & Damien Dempsey and played a sold out show in France at the Musée de La Piscine in Roubaix.

Those milestones should come as no surprise. There is an easy charm (at the enchantment end of the scale) and effortless lyricism to all the songs here - in spirit, the musical equivalent of standing in a stream barefoot in high summer. Stuck Upon the Staircase is a richly promising inaugural release.