Live : 3rd Space Comedy Club : Gavin Webster / Evelyn Mok / Andy Kind (MC)

This was one of the best evenings of stand-up I have seen for a long time.

3rd Space is a large lounge of a venue - full to the brim for this regular, monthly night; it provided the perfect stage for three remarkable acts. If the comedy alone had not been enough to tempt - there was also excellent craft beer, the informal atmosphere of a small, artfully-scuffed bar and unexpectedly delicious pre-show food.

First on, Manchester's Andy Kind was an accomplished compère. Vivacious, sharp-witted and engaging, he took the sparks from the audience's heckles and his own bone-dry comedic kindling, and quickly created real warmth in the room.

Evelyn Mok closed the first half. Swedish and ethnically Chinese, Mok's delivery is that of an eccentric but charismatic, self-deprecating stranger sat in the next seat, who monologues at you for a whole train journey. She is compelling - brilliantly and disconcertingly funny working with material about race and sex; often piercingly coarse and ribald without creating offence. She is undoubtedly a major talent working her way towards much, much wider recognition.

Headliner Gavin Webster is a phenomena. A definite physical presence, from the side in low light he looks like an unsettling blend of Paul Heaton from The Housemartins and Benito Mussolini. His on-stage persona is best described as Working Man's Club Comic with the barest of post-modern polishes. His set was an irresistible, twisting whirlwind of agitated energy, edge and punchlines - a performance close to genius.

At the end my face hurt from laughing - the sure sign of an outstanding show. I have only one regret from the whole evening - and that is I shared my food; with a recipe as well-honed as that of the Malaysian curry I was served, 3rd Space hosts an exceptionally good comedy club.