Live : Cedric Burnside

Cedric Burnside's grandfather was the great blues guitarist and songwriter R.L. Burnside (who wrote Long Haired Doney - covered on Colorama's last album), his father, Calvin Jackson, was a drummer. Burnside comes from Mississippi and plays with the authority of someone who is steeped in the music he performs; stripped back to vocal, elemental guitar and the weighty beat of the drums, this show felt like the essence of the blues in all its primeval riff, rhythm and groove.

On any other night the softly stated acoustic blues of Tom Blackwell's support set would have been remarkable, but this was Cedric Burnside's stage - his music (delivered here as an instrument-switching duo with collaborator Brian Jay) has the forceful flow of a river in spate; I arrived worn and weary, and left electrified and awake.

St Mary's, a converted fourteenth century church, is an impressive frame for any performance. It was packed for this event. Promoters Roman Candle know and love their craft - this is exactly how live music should be done in this size space; inspired, eclectic curation amplified by never booking anyone who isn't a genius of their form.