Lorna Corner

Live : Lorna Corner

Selected for the event as one of Wales' most exciting emerging comedians, Abergele-raised Lorna took the stage confidently for her spot in Tudur Owen's Comedy Marathon - a new feature of Wrexham's FOCUS Wales music and arts festival.

Her assurance has been hard earned. Since we first noted her on the circuit six months ago at Rhyl Comedy Club ('clever, engaging and effervescent') she has packed in a further sixty gigs and set up a new club night, Howl, in her adopted home of Cardiff. All that stage time has paid off, especially the regular compèreing.

A natural raconteur, hers is a warm, conversational style - not a million miles in tone from the intelligent, engaging repartee of Zoe Lyons. Her themes are personal and observational, with her exuberance and honesty keeping the delivery fresh and immediate. Although by November last year Lorna had a good, short set of material to run through, she now also thrives on sparky audience interaction, and is able to build on the energy that creates in the room (or in this case, a Queens Square giant tepee).

Overall well-paced, the crescendo of the set was a deeply hilarious five minutes of feminist grime rap; the accompanying music might have been a problem at the start of the song, but the performance didn't miss a beat. Compounding the humour, she repeatedly did a brilliant, very funny, knife-edge turn by feigning surprise, then being apologetic, at the crudity of some of the lyrics.

On this evidence Lorna Corner, a year after she first took to a comedy stage, can effortlessly fully hold an audience's attention and imagination for twenty minutes. A CV that includes television news reporting and acting must help, but wherever the heart of it comes from the clapping and whooping went on for a long time after she finished her act.