Los Blancos : Mae'n Anodd Deffro Un (Single)

Los Blancos come from rural West Wales, and Mae'n Anodd Deffro Un (It's difficult to wake one) is their first release.

The band acknowledge the influence of 90s US bands Brian Jonestown Massacre and Pavement; listen closely and the antecedents can be traced further back - the raw, loose but brilliant guitar / bass / drum sound that defines the song has ghosting inspiration from The Dream Syndicates' seminal Medicine Show, The Replacements, and the discordant pop of the first two Pixies releases.

If that is not sufficient endorsement, Gwyn Rosser's distinctive vocal is perfectly balanced between languid and heartfelt as it threads through the slow motion instrumental squall.

The track was produced by Kris Jenkins (who has worked with Cate Le Bon, Super Furry Animals, Flaming Lips & H Hawkline), and he has drawn out some latent magic here. Mae'n Anodd Deffro Un is distorted psychedelic country / folk strongly rooted in decades of alt. West Coast US influence; in simple terms unrefined, abrasive and absolutely glorious slacker pop.

A magnificently raucous debut.


LOS BLANCOS I Mae'n Anodd Deffro Un