Mahogany Fire Surround : Hooded Stranger

Hooded Stranger is presented very clearly as being 'Welsh Psychedelia', a genre with a huge heritage still protected, like Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, by stringent EU regulation.

Psychedelic music, like other aspects of the hallucinogenic culture it grew from, is meant to distort and warp your perception of time, self and reality; on the sliding cheese scale usually used to rate it this song is mild cheddar not camembert - it is more elegantly drifting, pastoral and evocative than mind-bending.

The band, Mahogany Fire Surround, are as currently unknowable as the farms Tesco uses to brand its fruit and veg produce are unvisitable. But their music, on the evidence of this song at least, has a quiet magnificence you could scientifically replicate by giving Climbing Trees a minimal ration of magic mushrooms.

Which means, wherever it has come from, it's very good indeed.