Mahogany Fire Surround : Somebody Else

With no other information beyond the band's name, Mahogany Fire Surround released two soft-focus psychedelic singles last year, Hooded Stranger and An Uprising - the latter, "a medieval campfire dialogue between Radiohead, Ludovico Einaudi and some mist."

The musicians' identity has been a moot point so far, but the sudden exuberance of their new single, Somebody Else - which by the time it reaches its first chorus sounds like Pontypridd's Climbing Trees performing on a runaway roller-coaster - is a massive clue, and the writing credit confirms that it is the Trees' Colenso Jones who has crafted this new song, with his band cohort Matthew Frederick in tow.

Somebody Else has lyrics (at least initally) and high-spirited élan you'd expect from a man reading Tolkien interrupted by the news of a life changing premium bond win; there is a real groove threading through the track - Jones sings and plays with energy and glee, Frederick's keyboard hooks and wiggles add zest, and Jack Beddis on drums underpins the track with spare, driving rhythm.

Heavy and humble, Mahogany Fire Surround are on the way to becoming Uriah Heep re-imagined for a post-Brexit wasteland - something no-one knew we needed until now; gathering momentum, they are also well along the path to being unashamedly brilliant. Not too shabby for a side project.