Mahogany Fire Surround : An Uprising

Mahogany Fire Surround are nothing if not enigmatic. This second single (the first was Hooded Stranger) arrives unadorned, without any additional information, but the music is enough to find a footing.

In 1978 Brian Eno released Music for Films - a collection of compositions, more animate in feel than much of his ambient work, that were intended for 'possible use as soundtracks to 'imaginary' films.' Listen to that album and the music triggers a rolling daydream of mental cinematic imagery. The two Mahogany Fire Surround tracks that exist so far have the same effect. As with Hooded Stranger, The Uprising has repeated melodic elements (piano, guitar, wordless vocal) layered atmospherically, before emphatic drums introduce more martial purpose. Again, you can't help but be absorbed and then transported.

Who knows who MFS are - but this single is a medieval campfire dialogue between Radiohead, Ludovico Ennaudi and some mist. Six of Eno's instrumentals from his LP were eventually used in films. Both of these singles should meet the same fate, and an album of this would be bliss.