Matthew Frederick : Hay-on-Wye

Matthew Frederick has played and sung his way through two albums, an EP and five singles with Climbing Trees, and been nominated with his bandmates for the Welsh Music Prize along the way.

He has also found time for a solo career punctuated by sublime gigs, a live album and another EP.

Whilst his band successfully experiment with a uniquely Welsh take on Americana, Frederick has a wider vision for his solo work. His musical hinterland takes in a huge range of singer-songwriters, and if his last single, Tell Me, and this new release show anything, it is that he has distilled those influences into a potent brew all of his own.

Hay-on-Wye is a bucolic dream-sketch of the Welsh border town, with its lyrical images floating by like the candy-floss wisp of dandelion seeds on a summer breeze. A gorgeous three minutes of musical bliss - delicately picked guitar then softly stroked piano keys; re-imagined Granchester Meadows with more secondhand bookshops.

A debut studio album, Fragments, will follow. It will probably be superb; Frederick is now a songwriter of note, with no geographic qualification.