Meilir : Glasshouse

Glasshouse is a new song from Meilir, released as the closing composition on New Moons Vol X, a compilation from independent label Killing Moon Records.

Even before listening, looking at the range of instruments used - voice, typewriter, wooden metronome, wood box, piano, floor tom, synthesizer & chair - suggests Glasshouse is not going to be run of the mill.

The music starts with the more conventional elements from that list - stately piano chords, multi-layered clacks from the metronome and a trademark fragile, emotive vocal. But from this base the track insistently assembles itself in front of your ears as further percussion sources are added, with interlacing rhythms notably coming from Meilir's great-grandfather's wooden chair (its specific timbre formed as the legs were sawn off and shortened to make a bathing chair for Meilir's grandmother to use with her children) and the typewriter.

With everything finally in its place - the compiled percussion, the piano and a synthesiser dancing in the space between them - the long lead out is hypnotic.

Although not prolific, from the delicate, experimental but melodic songs of 2009's debut EP Bydd Wych (which contains the masterly Misshaped), through Cellar Songs and the extraordinarily good Arabella EP (2014), Meilir has released fascinating recordings of rare quality and subtle emotional impact.

Glasshouse is another confident step in that progression; music that completely takes your attention, and then rewards it with stillness.


MEILIR I Glasshouse