Moon Goose : Live at the Globe EP

The three sublime instrumentals found on Moon Goose's first EP, Space Probe Shut Down, set an improbable standard in their self demarcated genre of 'Avian Psychedelic Space Rock'. This live EP - recorded at The Globe in Hay on Wye last March - reprises two of the track's from their debut and adds two new ones to their as yet minimal but definitely heavy canon of work.

The rougher-edged version of Space Probe Shut Down highlight Second Life set out here is either the specific soundtrack for a speeding inter-stellar truck glancing an unexpected asteroid and disintegrating as it falls into a burning red blancmange sun, or just the music that through headphones would never fail to make the wait in a long queue for a kebab after closing time a trippy, cinematic experience. It fully qualifies as epic psychedelic space rock.

If that is not enough, there are three more slices of unlikely enchantment. Parameter 5 is a new, short (running at just over three minutes) and emphatic riff-based groove; the version of The Mysterious Coffins of Arthur's Seat that follows it a subtle but dynamic live rework of the studio version. The EP closes with Goldfish in a Bag - a full on, mind-ruffling aural assault.

There's a bit of the irresistible live shuffle of early Deep Purple running as an undercurrent in Moon Goose's music (especially Parameter 5), together with a dash of Hawkwind and a hint of the post-high metronomic ambience of The Orb. Whatever the actual hinterland, the result is a heady, compulsive, swirling mix - as it is a live EP the audience clap and whoop for a bit as Second Life ends; if I'd been there I'd likely still be clapping now.