Moon Goose : Space Probe Shut Down EP

I drove past my exit on a motorway listening to this, absorbed in its otherworldly rhythms and space. I am not sure this EP should be on even as background music in a neighbour's house when you are using a power tool; it has the full-on mesmeric quality of mid-period Pink Floyd instrumentals and the distracting drive of Hawkwind.

Moon Goose are a 5 piece 'Avian Psychedelic Spaced Out' band from Hay on Wye. Other than that genre insight and location, there are only these three tracks to go on. If you seek further illumination the 'About' page on their Facebook states, "Moon Goose has crawled out of the primal swamp and taken a good look at the world through its welding goggles."

So, to the music, which is sublime instrumental psychedelic space rock delivered almost as if punk never happened.

First, Second Life opens as urgent and insistent as the throb of toothache, before mutating into a psychedelic squall of repeated riff and compulsive drumming; the soundtrack to a runaway space train hurtling through unnamed interstellar stations. It is quite brilliant.

Then, The Mysterious Coffins of Arthur's Seat, which begins with a swathe of discordant seventies synth before finding an expansive groove, adorned with a guitar line that seems rooted in an almost forgotten knowledge of Robert Smith's playing on early albums by The Cure. At the risk of repetition, it is quite brilliant.

Finally, Dark Ship starts with a ghostly piano and a sampled Spanish voice, before segueing into an instrumental with, compared to what has preceded it, more atmosphere than propulsive rhythm; it is still tense, dense and compelling.

All three tracks are six to seven minutes long each, enough time for a proper wig out, short enough to leave you wanting more. Moon Goose have described what they have released as "the sound of a dragon colliding with an asteroid". That is exactly what it is, and undoubtedly one of the best EPs we have heard this year.