Names : Limb by Limb (single)

Names are a duo, Ioan Hazell (vocals / piano) and Joey Robbins (drums) - their debut release, Backs Turned, was, "a short, wintry soundscape with all the fluency, space and atmosphere of Mogwai's Les Revenants soundtrack". The follow up single, Limb by Limb, offers another drum, piano and vocal framed essay of fragility.

Ioan has explained that Limb by Limb is about fractured relationships, " is largely inspired by the ignorance of issues within a relationship which slowly bring about its demise. Also the effect of a background anxiety on life and ability to socialise." The music triggers memories of Mark Hollis' (Talk Talk) one solo album; that was a delicate but powerful work, and this single is in the same vein. Steady, solemn, subtly discordant, Limb by Limb confirms that Backs Turned was no one off wonder.

In an essay written for the London Review of Books, Jenny Turner described what JRR Tolkien loved in literature as being rooted in his often quoted definition of 'glamour': "that shimmer of suggestion which never quite becomes clear sight, but always hints at something deeper further on". That is exactly the rare quality found in Names' music so far.

Limb by Limb

Sit opposite,
Ignore it,
Stay far away from corners nothing good's ever behind them in the dark.
Feel it all getting smaller,
Closer to the core,
So much brighter so much hotter.

Don't be alone,
Don't be alone.

Stay silent in the face of noise,
Refrain from the human joy
Everyone is bathing in
Day by day.
Washing yourself in the pond,
It ripples for a second,
Dissipates and soon you're gone:

Wave by wave,
Limb by limb.


NAMES I Limb by Limb