Omaloma : Aros o Gwmpas (Waiting Around) (single)

A prime pick in the FtM 2017 Watchlist, Omaloma have been deservedly nominated by BBC Radio Wales to play the BBC Introducing stage at The Latitude Festival; this single marks that achievement by being released on the day of the event.

Forgetting Latitude for a moment, this is clearly music made for the International Space Station Christmas party - self described as 'Welsh language psychedelic space schmooze', the song dances by in three minutes, gravity defying and dreamy. If a seasonal disco in space seems a very niche musical opportunity, then perhaps I am underselling the breadth of Omaloma's appeal - listen also to the mellower last release Eniwe, and it is clear both tracks are effortless and just off perfect psychedelic pop.

Aros o Gwmpas is performed by George Amor, Llyr Pari and Leusa Rhys; they work well together - there is a fluidity to the music that defies its electronic origins. This single compounds the sense, building since their debut release (Ha Ha Haf), that Omaloma are on an interstellar trajectory to somewhere as yet unknown; you can only be sure that wherever they end up will be a very remarkable place.