Omaloma : Ha Ha Haf (single)

I first listened to Ha Ha Haf (Ha Ha Summer) on a cold, damp and grey early March day. The song toyed with me for a few bars, like a fallen leaf agitated on the edge of a stream before being pulled into its flow, such was the fault line between its summery brightness and the day.

Omaloma is a new venture for Penmachno's George Amor, who also plays bass for Palenco (you can hear that heritage here) and is an inaugural member of Sen Segur, but it has already delivered a studio session for Georgia Ruth's C2 BBC Radio Cymru program, and added a track, the pastoral keyboard piece Lutra, on the compilation Swooshed.

Ha Ha Haf was recorded by Llŷr Pari at Glan Llyn studio, Melin Y Coed, Dyffryn Conwy. Llŷr also played drums, guitar and bass on the track, with George Amor responsible for piano and voice; it is the keyboard here that drives an uplifting song, producing music dense with invoked summer imagery, especially in the middle section; on the drabbest of days it jaunts along and shifts your mood up through the gears effortlessly.

More than a promising first single; Ha Ha Haf is a slice of shimmering psychedelic pop.