Palenco : Cloudy Leftovers (single)

Palenco's eponymous 2015 debut album showcased the sort of drifting, just off kilter but elegant, guitar-based indie music that got carelessly misplaced somewhere between the NME's C86 tape and the raucous debut EPs of Oasis. From the opening dream-like perfection of Pocket Knives to the closing glide of Winter, it's a genuinely seductive set of artful, melodic pop songs.

The new single Cloudy Leftovers arrives with the formula intact but improved, with a shade more immediate, dynamic feel achieved by recording live.

Originally a side project for Llŷr Pari (Y Niwl, Jen Jeniro, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog) and Dafydd Owain (Jen Jeniro, Eitha Tal Ffranco) it is the two founders whose contributions define this track - Pari's guitar carves the melody with effortless graceful strokes, whilst Dafydd Owain sings magnificently like a doleful post-Brexit Ian McCulloch - it is the contrast between the 'of the present' mournful vocals and the shimmering, 'never had it so good' sixties-tinged guitar that provides the magic.

For this single they are joined by Osian Williams (Candelas, Siddi, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog), who also played on the debut record, George Amor (Omaloma, Sen Segur) and Gruff ab Arwel (Y Niwl, Eitha Tal Ffranco). The line up is a fantasy five-a-side team picked from the Premier League of Welsh language contemporary music.

Like all Palenco's recorded work Cloudy Leftovers is subtle, and perhaps a touch lyrically enigmatic, but fully warrants the couple of listens it takes to be hooked.

Sophisticated, with timeless class.



PALENCO I Cloudy Leftovers