Phalcons : Swim Away (single)

Bookending the recent Casgliad Cae Gwyn compilation were two excellent Sen Segur tracks - a spur for the uninitiated but curious to find their superb garage-edged psychedelic debut album, Films. That 2015 record is something of a lost classic, never promoted much as the band spilt around the time of its release.

Advancing on, a fragment from Sen Segur's fractured heritage, two of that band's members, Ben Ellis and Alex Morrison, now form half of Phalcons - a line-up completed by Naomi Saunders and Tomos William.

When Phalcon's first single Idle Ways was released in November, we noted it as 'an enchanting sound from the boundary between dream pop and psychedelic-folk'; five months later and the follow up, Swim Away, is equally beguiling.

The band's singer and principal songwriter, Ben Ellis, wrote the new song, and the inspiration for it came from a dream:

"I was moving house at the time, out of the home I'd grown up in, and was reluctant to let go. It must have manifested in my dreams, because around the first week I had this really vivid dream ('Little did I know that I was lying in my bed//my body's here so my mind is going home instead').  I couldn't tell you where I was, but I was on a beach somewhere."

"I waded into the sea, and just started swimming. I have no idea where I was going, but I knew that if I kept going in the same direction, I'd get to where I needed to be. Maybe it was home?"

Swathes of reverb-drenched guitar mean Swim Away is drifting and dreamlike. The song finds Phalcons sounding like an elegant psychedelic house band playing on a sweeping lawn for an imagined Edwardian garden party. If you were standing nearby, bewitched and just out of sight, you'd be trying to contain your excitement for the glorious debut album that must follow.