Seazoo : Jumbo EP

A BBC Horizons pick in 2014, Seazoo originally started as a side project for two Wrexham musicians, Ben Trow and Llinos Griffiths, that rapidly developed a spirited momentum of its own, with deserved airtime on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music gathered along the way.

This self released EP, following on from the perfect form of last year's Car Deborah, opens with The Heart of Hercules, a few bars of synthesiser freed from the 70's BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a repeating clipped but infectious guitar riff, then a fuzzier sound adorned with vital synth slivers supporting the laconic vocals. It is deceptively straight forward and immediately tuneful pop first time around, listen again and there's a great deal of detail.

The highlight of the four tracks, although all are to a degree inspired, must be Telephone Jones, which starts with a restored church organ sound redolent of the Inspiral Carpets, but then with a vibrant but just askew alt-pop edge tears around wonderfully, like a happy drunk propelled at full tilt around a midnight high street in a stolen shopping trolley. The guitar and keyboard swirl about jubilantly, dual vocals swept along in the rolling waves of music, and when it ends there is no option but to listen again. Masterful.

Telephone Jones is followed by Tenterhooks, an energised, happy song opening with drum and synthesiser, then a prominent bass line driving towards a scuzzed guitar surfable chorus, and finally Pictures, animated with a refrain somehow slouching and uplifting and summery all at the same time.

As an EP Jumbo is both superb and paradoxical; under the surface clever, creative and complex, but at the same time great effervescent alt pop music.

SEAZOO I Telephone Jones