Sera : Rabbit Hole Still

Sera : Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is the first of a series of singles bilingual Caernarfon singer-songwriter Sera has planned for 2019, all coming from a new collaboration with producer Andi Bonsai.

Whilst still grounded in the Americana/folk sound showcased on her last album, Little Girl, there is a fresh burst of double espresso energy in this latest release - there’s no caffeine jitters, but it is definitely wide awake.

When first conceived, Rabbit Hole was written as a mellow acoustic piece, gently using imagery inspired by Alice in Wonderland to untie the tangles of an emotional cul-de-sac. A day’s studio time transformed it into an energised and rancorous rollercoaster.

The sonic mood fits - the song’s theme is the claustrophobia of a souring relationship begun in naivety; the surreal lyric ricochets, propelled by doubt as if trapped in a pin-ball machine, before finding an escape. An accompanying video (below) artfully matches the track's spirit.

On stage Sera can be spellbinding; this single undoubtedly heralds an exciting creative reboot, and suggests that future releases will match that live charisma.

SERA I Rabbit Hole